All Reviews For Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)



"I'm a female, 45, got upper/lower blepharoplasty and brow lift to fix my undereye bags, heavy lids and brow ptosis.

surgeon did great job, just had a little trouble during recovery - eye ointment caused me some irritation and I got chemosis less than week after surgery. but doc gave me antiobiotic and things cleared up in a few days. I don't blame doc for this, just a bad reaction to the ointment.

have been very happy with results so far." - Submitted by Brandy D. of Aurora, IL


"It' s been over 3 weeks since i had upper/lower bleph done. Am very displeased with how my recoevry's been going. scars are very noticeable - raised, red and ugly. my doc prescribed me cimeosil to help, but i'm just wondering how long my eyes will look like this. i've heard full recovery can take up to a year for scaring to completey fade and don't want to wait that long!" - Submitted by Shelby Z. of Spokane, WA


"I'm a 50-year-old female. I got upper and lower blepharoplasty last year and I still can't get over how open and alive my eyes look because of it! I wanted to get it done to correct baggy upper eyelid skin (so droopy that applying eye makeup became difficult).

I got the upper and lower bleph done at separate times. After lower lids turned out so well I went back to fix up my upper lids. Absolutely love love love the difference it made in my eyes and appearance.

" - Submitted by Lena Q. of Beverly Hills, CA


"underwent a lower blepharoplasty about a month ago, and am having mixed feelings about it. I wanted to get some of the skin and fat removed to get rid of my eye bags, but now the area it looks too hollow to me.

Doc told me he'd just remove a little bit of fat from beneath eyes. I think he did, but now that things looks so hollow and creased I'm thinking maybe I should've had filler instead." - Submitted by Sara H. of Nashville, TN


"Fed up with my droopy-looking eyes, I decided to have an eye lift about a year ago. Remember the surgery being pretty pain-free. During recovery, I wasn't in much pain either - I sure looked awful for about a week though! Bruised, swollen eyes, but I was told that would happen.

I'm so happy with my final results - I can see my eyes again, and I don't look tired all the time!" - Submitted by Hilary S. of Poughkeepsie, NY


"I found Dr.Joseph to be totally professional, and know others that he has had as patients. This was a strong factor in my decision to go out of town for this procedure, along with the advice of your organization. I tried two other doctors in Melbourne last year, but wasn't confident with their qualifications." - Submitted by Anne M. of Winter Park, FL

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