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"I had a face life and it was really a walk in the park. I had had work done years ago at a now defunct place and thought I'd go through the roof with the numbing shots. This procedure was nothing like that. Recovery for me was painless, very, very little bruising because of starting with Arnicare Montana 4 days before instead of 2 and using the Arnicare gel daily. I'm one week out and can be out and about easily. I also iced more than than the 20 minutes an hour suggested. BUT for most people they won't be back at work the following week because it will be obvious what you did and we do it to keep it a secret don't we?

You will be more confident, have a feeling of freedom and just feel better about yourself. Go for it! " - Submitted by Anonymous of Denver, CO


"I am 60 and have had two facelifts and a chin implant. It’s been 3 weeks since my second facelift and when I look in the mirro now I feel like I’m looking at myself 15 years ago.

I decided to go in for the facelift to fix up my neck and jowls, since they were starting to get loose. The first week afterwards was tough. My face hurt so much that even eating was a chore. It wasn’t so much the pain as the discomfort, but the doctor gave me some pain medication and that helped a lot.

I told my friends that I had gone to visit some friends out of town. When I “came back” in the second week they told me that it must have been a good vacation, because I looked so well-rested. Little do they know…
" - Submitted by Karen R.

Cost: $9,500.00


"There were some drawbacks, but despite that I look quite good. To anyone thinking about getting a facelift, be prepared for some changes that you might not be expecting. One year after my facelift, one side of my face feels a little tighter than the other, the scars are visible (though concealer helps), and due to the nature of my face my already unsymmetrical cheekbones are even more pronounced. On the plus side, the recovery was easier than expected, the scars behind my ears are not noticeable and my jowls are gone completely. I’m not 100% satisfied, but I do feel like I look a lot better than I did before." - Submitted by Elly F.

Cost: $6,000.00


"I had a couple of procedures done when I was 45 - facelift, browlift, and a little lipo. Now I’m in my 50’s, but look like I’m in my 40’s, even without makeup. I feel like I’m young again, and I love it. If I ever feel like I need to do it again, I won’t hesitate. BUT – don’t think that this isn’t a serious procedure. They put me under general anesthesia for five hours, and it was almost a month before I felt comfortable going out. My skin is pretty sensitive, but even so, the side effects (swelling, bruising, bleeding) were terrible. Make sure that you have somebody to help through the first few days, as those were the toughest given the drains that were coming out of my head.
That being said, after all the recovery I am SO happy with my results. I would do it again in a second (if I felt like I needed it). It looks really natural, the scars are so well hidden you can barely tell they’re there, and my face doesn’t have that deer caught in the headlights look that you sometimes see.
" - Submitted by Julie B.

Cost: $8,300.00


"I had a facelift done about two years ago, combined with a neck lift. My neck was getting deep wrinkles and loose skin. Now, I feel like I look 10 years younger than I did.

One note of caution – if you plan on getting a facelift, give yourself a few weeks before you go back to work. My face had some pretty serious swelling and a blood clot on my jawline that had to be drained in the surgeons office - I know that sounds pretty bad, but it really wasn’t, they told me that it’s a pretty regular occurrence.

The pain wasn’t too bad, the scars are NOT flat to the skin (like I was hoping), but at least they’re hidden behind my ears and can be covered up with hair. My cheeks are still a little numb, even now, and they will probably remain that way.

Given everything I’m very happy that I decided to do the facelift. It’s taken years off my face, and while the recovery was tough, the results are worth it.
" - Submitted by Patti D.

Cost: $7,500.00


"Even when I was little I wanted to get plastic surgery. I’ve never thought that I was very pretty, especially compared to the women you see in movies and magazines. Obviously that’s kind of unreachable. At this point I’ve accepted that I’m never going to look like a movie star, and my husband is obviously fine with that. He didn’t really support the surgery in the beginning. I don’t think he was really thinking about it from a self-esteem standpoint, it was more the cost and my reasons for doing it. Well, in the end he agreed to it.
I was pretty nervous going into my consultation, and probably should have taken some more time to think about it, maybe consulted with another doctor. The surgery itself took 7 hours and I was laid up in bed for the next week or so. I could barely get the energy to get out of bed.
Now it’s been about a month since the surgery, and I’m not happy with it. Actually, I think that I look pretty much the same as I did before. I was hoping that the surgery would improve my jowls and neck, and while there is a little improvement, it’s not as much as I’d like.
I had talked with the surgeon about how important it was to me to have natural looking results, and I think that was the problem, because he probably didn’t take enough. It’s only been a month and I feel like I need a revision already.
Definitely there is some improvement, but I’m going to talk to my surgeon about getting a revision – also thinking about maybe a rhinoplasty or blepharoplasty.
" - Submitted by Janet H.

Cost: $9,000.00


"Dr. Laverson and staff are the best! I knew exactly what to expect throughout my entire procedure and recovery. Dr. Laverson has a great bedside manner, and was truly focused on what would look best and be the best for me personally.I am extremely pleased with my results, I can't wait to show off the "new" me. My gratitude and thanks to everyone on Dr. Laverson's staff for being so supportive. Special thanks to Dr. Laverson for making me feel like he listened to my desires, added suggestions, and was available to answer all my questions! What a great experience!! " - Submitted by Diana H. of San Marcos, CA


"Got my facelift & eyelids done in 3 weeks while im in Bangkok. The bruising went very fast (2 weeks) but I still have a lot of numbness in my face in front of ears.
Anyone who is interested i used Bumrungrad hospital in Bangkok. " - Submitted by Angel B.

Cost: $3,750.00

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