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"I did 4x this Fractional Laser Resurfacing for my Acne scar on my cheeks. It did not improvement a bit to my disappointment . I did went to their office after finishing 4 courses and showed them no sign of any improvement . They saw my unsatisfied results and gave me 3 more extra Bonus treatment . Even that , it did not help any little bit affect on My Acne Scar . Whole things is Big Hoax . I would never recommend to any friends or any folks spending lots of money and get Zero results. " - Submitted by Talat R. of Cedar Park , TX


"I am ok with everything but not seen results as expected from my lair removal laser from face.hope to see better results after few treatment" - Submitted by Darschana D. of New York, NY


"My treatment has not been completed yet. I have one more appointment in July. I noticed a difference after the first two treatments but since the third treatment I feel my skin looks worse. I am having trouble finding make up and the skin under my eyes looks darker and more swollen.
All of the staff are wonderful and make each appointment a pleasant experience! " - Submitted by Jenny B. of Fort Walton Beach, FL

Cost: $1,500.00


"I had the Laser resurfacing and some spots treated, and I am very happy with the results. I had a skin tag right beside my eye that was removed, along with a couple of small warts, and then a total resurfacing. My results were great. My skin is smoother, the texture is better and even my husband commented on how much better my skin looks. I would recommend this procedure for anyone that wants to turn back the clock but not look like you have had any work done on your face. The most uncomfortable part was the metal contacts I had to wear because the laser was going so close to my eye, but I understand that my eyes needed to be protected. " - Submitted by Anonymous of Ellsworth, ME

Cost: $650.00


"Bella Rosa staff are outstanding. This is the only place I'd go for any like procedure." - Submitted by Shari M. of Houston, TX

Cost: $1,000.00


"The staff was awsome and always friendly. The procedures though did not "correct" what I was wanting. I do feel that I am paying for a serivce that has not worked as well as I had been told it would/does. I am disappointed that I am in the same situation I was in before, but now $4,000 in the hole. I do not make much money, so when I am able to spend some on myself to improve physical issues I do not like about myself, I expect to see results. I do feel like I have wasted my money and I ensure that it will not happen again." - Submitted by Tiffani S. of Colorado Springs, CO

Cost: $3,900.00


"have sundamage on face that after 3 secions haven't really made much of a difference on getting rid or decreasing the sun damage appearance. The consultant mentioned that i should see a dermatologist to see what they say to better find out what will work. staff very professional, friendly and helpful. i dont have a consistent working schedule and i only get it 2 weeks at a time so its hard to plan a month away. when i do schedule eveything always seems to be booked. So it's alittle inconvient and im limited to get the service i paid for. " - Submitted by Cherilyn A. of Lehighton, PA

Cost: $1,400.00


"The services were very reasonably priced. The staff and facility were wonderful. They are very professional, friendly, etc. the facility is beautiful and comfortable based in a very old and renovated home. The post procedure instructions were easy to follow. I had a very easy recovery despite getting a very deep laser with conscious sedation. I plan to do the laser treatment to my chest and neck and continue the other services. I have recommended this facilities to many others." - Submitted by Stephanie C. of Cordova, TN

Cost: $2,400.00

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