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"I am extremely disapointed and frustrated with the entire experience from Eaton Square Asthetics. I have been trying to work with Dr. Evans for well over 6 months now.

I consulted with him, based on a referral from Signature Forum, about laser spider veins removal. He charged me 750.00 for a series of treatments. He wanted to charge me 1500.00 but I could not affort it.
I ended up receiving two, 30 minute treatments, that have done ABSOLUTELY nothing about my spider veins. He is impossible to schedule a sessions with, and all of his staff is giving me the run around. I have not been able to make an appointment for months and now his secreatries are telling me that my services have run out.

I was never told any of this information. I was told it would take multiple sessions and that results may vary. But I haven't even had enough of the service to see if I would have results.

I am sick to my stomach about the entire situation. I have been robbed of basically all 750.00. I want to talk to the doctor and no one will give me his contact information and he will not contact me.

Dr. Evans is extrememly unprofessional, unreliable, and manipulative and Signature Forum should completely remove him from there referral list. No one should have to receive such poor business and poor treatment." - Submitted by Samantha M. of Joliet, IL

Cost: $750.00


"Used a cutera laser to get rid of spider veins on outer thighs. Treatment was pretty painful and left bruising on area for quite a while. After bruises faded the veins were completely gone though!

p.s. I recommend getting treatment done during winter so you can cover up bruised areas while you recover." - Submitted by Cassie W. of Cincinnati, OH

Cost: $300.00


"I'm a man in my 40s - had facial spider veins removed on two separate occasions, both with great results. This procedure was definitely worth it for me." - Submitted by Chris J. of Great Neck, NY

Cost: $350.00


"I have rosacea, so went in for laser vein removal to treat some broken blood vessels in my face. I was told that I should recover from laser vein removal in about a week. Two years later I'm left with pitted scarring on my chin and cheeks! dermatologist used too high a laser setting and now my face looks ruined!" - Submitted by Jacqueline W. of West Chester, PA

Cost: $425.00


"I had some little blue veins on my face and some spider veins on backs of my thighs that I was eager to remove - I'm in my late 20s, so kind of embarrassing.

Had laser vein removal on both areas - was kinda painful (especially on forehead) and had some bruising afterwards on legs but this all cleared up. took tylenol for the first few days after laser vein removal and it took care of soreness just fine.

I'm SO glad I did this now! forehead is all clear and leg veins are gone too!" - Submitted by Morgan P. of Waukegan, IL

Cost: $225.00


"I had a facial, and have had 2 treatments for facial spider veins. The results have been fantastic. Dr. Mixter is very warm and personable, he put me instantly at ease. All of my questions were thoroughly answered. Lana Vink, my Aesthetician, is wonderful. I have purchased many products that have worked quite well. The recommendations that she has made and the results of the procedures I have had far outweighed my expectations. I am a customer for life :)" - Submitted by Diane N. of Grafton, WI

Cost: $500.00

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