All Reviews For Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)



"Felt very comfortable with Dr. Harrell and his explanation of the gynecomastia process. Looking forward to going forward with the procedure." - Submitted by J. R. of Tampa, FL


"Although I have not seen the final result of my surgery yet, I am very satisfied with the outcome thus far. The doctor,his staff and anesthesia personnel all have excellent interpersonal skills and were a pleasure to do business with. They made me feel comfortable about having the procedure done." - Submitted by Shawn H. of Bronx, NY


"I had the surgery, and at the moment one breast is larger than the other. So i almost feel like i spent my money and am worse off than when i started. I have a follow up appointment next week with my surgeon. I hope that he has some good news for me. If not, I'm going to be extremely pissed!!!!!!" - Submitted by Rashawn H. of Lockhart, TX

Cost: $6,000.00


"Hey guys,

Today I had my gyno surgery. I finally stepped up to the plate and did it. This is my story about how it went.

I have had this gyno since I first hit puberty. I was always pretty skinny buy I had a pointy chest, this stopped me from going to the beach with my shirt off when I got a little older, I never went to the pools etc. It really bothered me. I thought at first I must have had fat around my chest because I was just unlucky and this is where my fat was stored. I started working out when I was around 22 and went to the gym 5 days a week. I toned up and got to be very skinny but the fat around my chest never seemed to get any lower. I searched on Google and came across many sites and that’s when I first thought that I might have had gyno. I didn’t do anything about it until I was 24 because I was scared of going under the knife. Well finally I decided that something had to be done.

I started searching the net for surgeons who could do the surgery and ended up deciding to use Dr. Ashley Granot from the Ashley Centre in Melbourne. I went to see him for a consultation and had all the blood tests. It turns out that all my blood work was perfectly normal for a guy my age. They didn’t have a reason why I had gyno; it was just one of those things. Anyway the surgery set me back $4500 all up including EVERYTHING.

On the day that I was going into surgery I wasn’t allowed to eat anything for 6 hours before operation. I went in and I was nervous as anything. They got me to strip down into a surgical gown and the nurse gave me an intramuscular injection into my glute, it was pain killer and relaxants. I thought it was going to hurt but it didn’t hurt that much at all. After that another nurse put a drip into my arm, I thought it was going to hurt again, but it didn’t, they put heaps of saline into the drip.

After about 15 minutes of waiting for the drugs to kick in the doctor came into the room and cut an incision into my armpit. He inserted a clear plastic tube into the incision and started to pump me full of muscle relaxants, pain killer and something to dilute the fat. He put about 800mls into my chest. After that we waited another 15 minutes for the pain killer and fat diluting solution to start working. The inserting of the clear plastic tube was the most painful part of the surgery. I think painful is a bit harsh of a word. I would say it was VERY uncomfortable. As he was pushing in the tube I could feel the fat ripping away from the muscle below it.

After that he got the liposuction canula and started sucking out the fat. This took a fair while and didn’t hurt for the most part. A few times he hit a hard part of fat which would hurt very slightly but it was bearable. When he finished sucking out all the fat there was still a bit of breast tissue which he could not get out through the canula because it was too hard. So he made an incision around my nipple and pulled it out with some tweezer looking things and he just cut it. This was uncomfortable as I could feel the tissues being ripped out of my chest. But it didn’t hurt. After this was done he sewed me up and I could sit up and put on my compression vest.

Throughout the entire procedure I was awake and could see what was going on. I was sedated but not fully knocked out. The doctor said he did not want to give me general anesthetic and knock me out fully because that was too risky for a minor procedure. He said something like 1 in 10,000 people die from an allergic reaction to general anesthetic or something like that. Plus I wanted to be awake because I didn’t want anything to stuff up and I had heard some horror stories about doctors cutting out chest muscles and stuff like that. I was talking throughout the whole procedure, probably a lot of jibberish cause of all the relaxants but yea.

All in all I am happy that I finally have my gyno gone and I have a flat chest. I only did the surgery this morning and I am already up and about. It doesn’t hurt much at all, it just feels like a really hard gym workout session and I can’t lift my arms over my head. Other than that I got some pain killers but I don’t even need them. If you are thinking about doing this, just DO IT. Don’t be scared of the surgery it’s not that bad.

If you have any questions ill be happy to answer them. Tomorrow I have to go back to the surgery for a post op check up.

My chest is FLAT!!!!!!!

Hope I have helped someone out there!" - Submitted by Anonymous of Ararat, VI

Cost: $4,500.00

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