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"I had filler done around my mouth. I had a problem with one side more pumped up then the other. I went back and they said they could not fix it unless I paid for more. So, I left thinking noway was I going to buy more when it was not my fault that it was not equal on both sides. when you feel where they put the filler in where my cheek dimples are at it feels like just to big bumps of filler. It seems like it went into deep and did not fill in the lines. It just left a bump deep underneath tissue. Not real happy with results. But, Staff was very nice and kind." - Submitted by Theresa V. of Wyandotte, MI

Cost: $800.00


"Requested to fill lines in outer corners of lips to uplift frown/pout look. The injections were VERY painful. She also filled nasolabial folds and top and bottom lips. I had a lot of bruising (looked like I got punched in the mouth) That subsided, but I thought I looked like a monkey, but no one else noticed. It lasted about 2-3 months and now 3 years later I have scars at the injection sites on my lips. They are noticeable and I have to wear lipstick to cover them. I was not happy with this product or the pain and long lasting side effects. Would not recommend. Upkeep would also have been extremely expensive." - Submitted by Anonymous of Galveston, TX

Cost: $750.00


"I got my first Restylane injection six years ago for nasolabial folds. There was some extra fluid, so we used that on my lips, which didn’t really need it, but it helped my lips look a little fuller, which was amazing. I’m 45 and most people think I’m 30 – couldn’t ask for more than that.
At first, I had to get touch ups every three months, but lately it’s been less and less. Now, after 2 years, I get it twice a year and it looks great. : )
Probably the best part is that nobody seems to believe that I use anything, because it looks so natual. I think this is thanks to my superb DOCTOR (not nurse) who administers the injections. The doctor masagges the Restylane around the mouth – the results are fantastic and I feel comfortable going out in public and hour after the treatment. For me, it is a great investment!
" - Submitted by Aileen C.

Cost: $650.00


"Restylane is good, but there are definite limitations. Please, do your research before you let anybody near your face with a needle. Especially if Restylane itself isn’t meant to work in those areas.
For me, I use Restylane on my lips, naso-labial folds, hands, neck and marionette lines. Right now I’m 56, but people tell me I look like I’m 20 years younger. I developed some wrinkles around my eyes this year which troubled me greatly.
I have complete trust in my doctor, he’s always done fantastic work for me in the past. But, I think when I asked him about my eye wrinkles we both got kind of carried away with what we wanted versus what Restylane is meant for.
For the first week it looked great! But by the second week the wrinkles looked much worse – they were all bunched up and looked even worse than before. My doctor said that he could use a disperser to break it up, but I refused, as it was supposed to fade away in another month or two.
It’s three months later now, and while things have improved a little, I still have these terrible wrinkles around my eyes. It is going to be much longer than 3 months before this goes away. The funny thing is I would look better if I had just left things alone and used a topical cream. But, live and learn.
" - Submitted by Veronica T.


"I am 34 and am getting married in a few weeks. Recently I had Restylane injections under my eyes. I’ve been told by many people that I look run down and tired, I have dark under eye circles, and they made me look exhausted.
The actual injections were fine. I had almost a full syringe around each eye. There was considerable bruising and swelling after, but that calmed down after a week or so. I am definitely starting to look better, but I’m a little worried about what I’m seeing now. There are these little indents, irregularities in the surface of the skin which looks kind of like I have been socked in the face. In the right light I think it’s pretty noticeable. My fiancée tells me that it’s really not so bad, but I’m worried that it’s going to still look like this in a month when I’m getting pictures taken for the wedding.
I had a follow up appointment with my doctor, and he said that the treatment was a success. He noticed some bruising under the skin, but said that it should go away just like the irregularities. I sure hope so!
" - Submitted by Sam N. of San Jose, CA

Cost: $673.00


"I started Restylane about a year ago. I’ve been doing Botox for about 4 years. There were no negative side-effects to the Restylane and I plan on getting more treatments.
It wasn’t cheap. The first treatment I got was abou $400 per syringe. When I first heard the cost I was like, “no way! I’m not going to spend that much money every time” but what I learned is that it doesn’t go away as fast as Botox. The next time I went I only ne3eded 2 syringes, and it’s been like that in my following treatments too. I have it injected around my mouth, and just started using it as a lip filler.
To tell the truth, I was quite swollen for a week after the first time, butit wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t go out in public after a couple days. Now that I need less, I’m fine going out the next day. I took my doctor’s advice and have been using arnica and bromeline to fight the swelling and bruising. Seems to be doing the job.
" - Submitted by Sally F. of Chicago, IL

Cost: $1,200.00


"I got Restylane for the lips last week. I love the results. I was was alittle worried that people would tell that I had them but it actually looks very natural. This was a great decision. BUT - My lips were pretty sore for the next two days. There was some swelling (I didn’t leave the house for 2 days), but the doctor told me this was normal. All I can say, Restylane is great, but make sure you plan ahead.
I’m pretty familiar with the clinic I had it at, I have also had IPL and laser hair removal with them, so that halped alot.
" - Submitted by Jen S. of Scottsdale, AZ

Cost: $600.00


"I have acne scarring along my jawline and have gotten some restylane injections. I had cystic acne which gave me the scars, so it looked like acne but was really scar tissue. It took a number of injections but I’ve been really happy with the results. I’ve also gotten some intense microdermabrasions, photofacials, and chemical peels. It can be hard to find an aesthetician who’s willing to do this kind of aggressive treatment, but I lucked out…
Unfortunately it takes a lot of money and time but the results are totally worth it. These treatments have literally changed my life, I’m not embarrassed by my skin any more and my confidence is at an all time high " - Submitted by Siew L.

Cost: $700.00


"I just had a combination of botox (3 areas, forehead, bridge nose & crow's feet) and restylane (upper lip) and the total effect after just 3 days is amazing! The Doctor (also a registered dentist) was so helpful & assuring and was able to inject my gums with anaesthetic so I did not feel a thing. The results with restylane is immediate and although I did experience a little initial swelling, I could see that all the fine lines above my lip had gone and my cupids bow is just wow!

I am now just starting to notice the effect of the botox and my work colleagues have told me that I look really fresh. The Doctor took great care where he placed the injections (about 1" from eyebrow) so I would not get droopy eyes. " - Submitted by Jack A.


"I had 2 vials of Restylane injected four weeks ago. It cost $675.00. It is completely gone already. I don't see any lasting results. Has anyone else had this happen? Did the doctor inject it incorrectly?" - Submitted by C L.

Cost: $675.00


"I had restylane 2 weeks ago to remove smokers lines around my mouth and so far there isnt any difference only little bumps everywhere. Went back to place I got it done and they said I needed a top up which would cost another 150 pounds... gutted!!!!" - Submitted by Julie C.

Cost: $225.00


"I had one cc of Restylane injected into my top lip last March. My lip looks great, but the Restylane migrated to above my lip - up toward nose - and it's uneven and looks bumpy and unnatural. I've been waiting for it to dissipate but it's going strong! I tried massaging but it didn't help; all I did was bruise my top lip. " - Submitted by Luna B.

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