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"I feel mutilated after Dr. Takowsky performed surgery on my ears and nose. Everything is uneven, different shapes and sizes on each side, and the asymmetry is horrendous. I feel like he completely ruined my face, and I have already gone to another doctor to have this corrected. He makes you sign an arbitration agreement (about 20 minutes before you go in for surgery) so you can't sue him, and then won't give you a copy of what you signed. Oh, and don't expect him to actually be there when you have a follow up appointment. Whenever I asked him about the unevenness and red, raised, bulbous scars, he insists that everything is normal and that my surgery looks great. He has his staff come in and tell you how great you look, and they make fun of you if you don't agree. He told me the reason the results were asymmetrical was because my face was crooked!!! WOW.
Paid: $5500" - Submitted by j s. of alhambra, CA

Cost: $5,500.00


"Dr. Brietbart is very experienced, calm personality and easy going. He made me and my family comfortable about my procedure. His staff was very professional and helpful. " - Submitted by Valerie P. of Roslyn, NY

Cost: $8,500.00


"My 14 year old daughter had a life changing experience with Dr.Sherman. She is so happy and grateful for all of his help and patience he had has with her.
" - Submitted by Soledad(mom) Susan F. of Encinitas, CA

Cost: $5,600.00


"This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My new nose looks great, thanks to my doctor who is a plastic surgery wizard! I’ve always had a large bump on the bridge of my nose, people would stare and it really bothered me so I decided to look into a nose job. The week after the surgery was not easy, every time I looked in the mirror all I saw were bruises and swollenness. The pain was actually not so bad, but I did have a constant runny nose which the doctor warned me about. My nose is now cute and straight and I feel like it’s really improved the overall look of my face.

Apparently rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult surgeries to master, so make sure you find a good surgon. " - Submitted by Nancy L. of San Fernando, CA

Cost: $8,000.00


"Had a rhinoplasty 3 months ago. The recovery was very uncomfortable. The results are great. Also fixed a deviated septum which has helped my breathing immensely." - Submitted by James E.

Cost: $6,000.00


"I had a nose job a few years ago that was not done very well, so recently I went in for a revision with a new doctor. The last surgery left me with a nose that was way too upturned. I don’t know what that doctor was thinking, but I’ve been so embarrassed about it that I avoided my family and even considered moving to another city. Enough is enough, so I went in for the revision. It wasn’t cheap and I’m still not sure if I like it, but it’s still sooo much better than what it was like before. Now it’s straight and goes down, instead of looking like a little piggy nose. Still, it just doesn’t look right. I don’t look like myself!!! It’s been 3 weeks since the surgery, and my doctor says that I should give it a few more weeks before making any judgments. I totally trust him, but it still makes me nervous. " - Submitted by Anonymous


"I always hated my nose. Never thought a nose job was a possibility, but started looking into it and realized it was something I could do.

I had three consultations with different surgeons before I found one that I really liked. He was friendly and let me look at photos of other patients. We talked about my goals and he was just so nice about everything, really made me feel that he was the right decision.

The procedure itself was easy. I was awake for it, but couldn’t feel anything, and the doctor explained every step of the surgery, which helped me stay calm.
By the 4th day I was off the medication and most of the bruising had disappeared.

I had been unhappy with my nose for a long time. It wasn’t until recently that I really researched the possibility of getting a nose job.

I had consultations with three different doctors and the last doctor of the three was the one I went with. As soon as I met him, I knew he was the right one. He was very easy to talk to and showed me several photos of his work. We discussed what I was hoping to achieve and he answered all the questions that I had.

The day of my procedure I was nervous, but excited. The overall process was painless. He did a great job of numbing my nose and the area around it. I was only on pain meds for 4 days and had very little bruising - which really surprised me!

It seems like barely anyone has noticed that I had a nose job, which is great in my mind, because it looks so much better to me, and if others don’t know about it, then that’s fine. The doctor did a great job making it natural-looking.

I’m still not done with the healing process, but I feel great about the whole experience.
" - Submitted by Liz U. of Amarillo, TX

Cost: $6,200.00


"I am asian, and I wanted to make my nose tip less rounded and the nostrils not so flaring.
This surgery was a mistake. My surgeon didn’t communicate well with me, didn’t use imaging technology so I could see the results beforehand. Now I’m probably going to go in for a revision to fix his mistakes.
I had the surgery two months ago, and while the tip and nostrils are fine, there’s now a bump on my nose. I had no problem with the bridge before, the doctor brought it up right before the surgery. He took a piece of ear cartilage to help straighten the bridge, but now it’s my bridge isn’t straight with this bump on it. I’ve heard that other doctors use rib cartilage on the bridge, so maybe that was the problem. Either way, I’m not happy about it. I don’t want to go in for a revision, but I feel like I’m going to have to to get this fixed.
" - Submitted by Jaewon K.

Cost: $5,000.00


"My nose has always bothered me. It was way too big for my face and bulbous. Not like it was all that bad, it wasn’t ugly or anything, I just thought it would look better if it had more of a classic, refined shape. I finally decided to get this done after my 40th birthday, also to fix a deviated septum. I went to a couple of consults and found a doctor that had really good before and after photos and wasn’t too far away.

The surgery itself lasted less than three hours. Afterwards my throat was really sore, I couldn’t breath out of my nose and I looked like I’d been punched in the eye. On the second day the swelling was really bad. But by the third things were starting to get back to normal. A week later and the doctor took the splint away and removed the stitches. I couldn’t believe it. It is so natural looking, it’s exactly the way I pictured it. I’m still supposed to wear tape over my nose, but it looks so good I hate to cover it up!
" - Submitted by Sarah G.

Cost: $8,000.00


"I’ve recently had a rhinoplasty procedure done by Dr. Takowsky. I feel like a whole new person: very pleased with the results! Dr. Takowsky is caring, skillful, warm and confident, with a comforting bedside manner. I highly recommend Dr. Takowsky." - Submitted by Anonymous of Glendale, CA


"Your result is HIGHLY dependent on the skill of your surgeon. I paid well over 10k for my revision procedure and I'm only in my twenties. The results have made my search and expenses to enlist the services of a highly capable surgeon well worth it.
Minor swelling that persists for many months after the procedure. " - Submitted by Isabella E.

Cost: $10,000.00

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