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"I combined an inner thigh lift with body lipo over two weeks ago and I'm very upset with my surgery results so far. For one thing, the surgery took a few hours less than I was initially told it would - did he cut corners? Apparently I only had minimal lipo and now I'm supposed to have revision lipo in a few days, but I'm worried about how that will affect my thigh lift.

I still have substantial dimpling and loose skin on thighs and scars are raised and obvious. I don't know how much of this is normal or not but I'm worried about proceeding and am having regrets about the whole thing." - Submitted by Falon Y. of Colorado Springs, CO


"Had a thigh lift a couple weeks ago - so far my recovery has been a real drag. I'm still very swollen and sore. My legs do appear smoother already, which is a good sign though.

My doc predicted up to 6months for full recovery - wow I hope not! But I think it will look really good once I'm recovered." - Submitted by Erin B. of Fort Worth, TX


"For years I feared being seen in a swimsuit because my thighs were so cottage cheese-like. I had a lipo in the past and then lost some weight, so my skin was pretty loose too.

I had a mini thigh lift to tighten and even out thigh skin and I love the results! " - Submitted by Rhonda J. of Salt Lake City, UT


"I was really excited about my inner thigh lift - really wanted to eliminate the sagging skin there. Unfortunately, I was left with horrible, visible scarring. Apparently I had a bad reaction to the surgical stitches my doc used. Now I have to look at revision surgery." - Submitted by Aileen V. of Lake Charles, LA


"In the last year I'd lost over 40 lbs. and wanted to get a thigh lift to help tone up the area. Before I lost the weight my thighs would always rub together uncomfortably when I walked and most physical activity was quite difficult.

Now there's no rubbing at all! I'd recommend this surgery to anyone with similar heavy thigh issues.

" - Submitted by Karen T. of Atlanta, GA

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