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"I cannot say enough about the professionalism, warmth and accommodation that I received from Dr. Lawrence and his entire staff. My experience with his practice was positive in every way. I plan to use his practice again in the near future due to the positive experience that I received thus far. Dr. Lawrence and his staff go above and beyond what is necessary to take care of their patients. He and his staff have mastered the art of "putting the patient first" through their sincere concern for their patients comfort and specific needs. My experience could not have been better and I am very satisfied with my results. " - Submitted by Tammy P. of Troy, TN

Cost: $9,000.00


"From the consultation it was implied a lot more of my skin and stretch marks would be taken away along with the scar being able to be hidden by most under garments. the scar is much higher than any pair of jeans i own, and i wasn't satisfied with the amount of stretch marks left. His original lines were very different than the ones on the day of surgery. " - Submitted by Christina L. of San Jose, CA

Cost: $7,000.00


"I absolutely love Dr. Bui & his staff! Had my tummy tuck on 3/16 & so far, so good! I love my new look! Dr. Bui is very professional, courteous, & thorough. The staff is very friendly & helpful. I am planning to have Dr. Bui do a thigh lift for me as well." - Submitted by Charlotte C. of Cypress, CA

Cost: $4,225.00


"I just love my flat belly,I keep looking at it. The peole were super nice and informitived,they were great even after the surgry." - Submitted by Brenda J. of Ketchikan, AK

Cost: $8,000.00


"Excellent concern regarding my belly buttom.. that after a month and weeks still woozing...scares me...I need to be cleaning it with peroxide and insert a petrolatum dressing inside the belly bottom...daily since surgery..a bump on one left side of the stomach has not providing now six sessions of ultrasound...massages...if that does not work, he tells me that he will resolve, he will use other method...the same day I had a mini facelift...I have no issues, thank God...some numbness but I am told that is normal....very satisfied with my facelift....other than belly buttom..I am very satisfied with his professionalism..and the staff is excellent..will recommend with no reservation." - Submitted by Nilsa A. of Clermont, FL

Cost: $9,500.00


"Very satisfied with Dr. Harrell and his staff. Waiting on second procedure only for cost reasons." - Submitted by Anonymous of Brooksville, FL


"I have nothing but high praises to give to Dr. Iteld and his staff. Josie has been a wonderful person to work with and all have been very understanding of my situation. The only complaint that I have is that I really wanted a breast enhancement with an abdominalplasty, and Dr. Iteld informed me that with the amount of weight that I have lost that I needed a lower body lift and he would not do both procedures at the same time. Since this is an out of pocket expense for me, it is costing me more money than I would have like for it to have cost. I am now having to pay for the use of a surgical center twice. I do understand why he will not perform both procedures at one time. This is due to safety reasons, but I really wish I did not have to pay more. I do have to say that it was a nice surprise that they give a discount if you have another procedure done after having your first procedure done by this particular doctor. All in all it is a wonderful experience and I love my doctor. " - Submitted by Kimsimone M. of Saint Louis, IL

Cost: $8,623.00


"Dr. Schusterman's staff are all very professional and knowledgeable. They make you feel comfortable and go out of their way to help you. I couldn't be more pleased with the decision I made and the results of my surgery. Dr. Schusterman is an excellent plastic surgeon. I will definitely be returning to him for any further work I decide to have done." - Submitted by Marie R. of Houston, TX

Cost: $25,000.00

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