Aerobics Classes

Activities aimed at strengthening the cardio respiratory system by using significant muscle groups in rhythmic patterns or repetition; causing an increase in oxygen consumption. Aerobic exercises are usually categorized into two groups: high impact or low impact.

Low Impact Aerobics

Another subcategory of basic Aerobics, Low Impact Aerobics is a workout that includes exercises in which at least one foot is always in contact with the ground. While generally less intense that High Impact Aerobics, a Low Impact training regimen can still get your blood flowing and elicit comparable physical results over an extended period of time. Many people like to engage in both Low and High Impact Aerobics to maintain a balance in their training. However, Low Impact Aerobics is also excellent for overweight, pregnant, out of shape, or elderly people hoping to improve their fitness in a safe and effective manner.

High Impact Aerobics:

This is a subcategory of traditional Aerobics that usually involves more intense training, with exercises that tend to bring both feet off the floor simultaneously, such as running, hopping, and jump roping. High Impact Aerobics is best left to those who have already excelled at Low Impact Aerobics training regimens and wish for a greater challenge. Beginners, no matter what condition they might believe they're in, should still start with a lower impact program before advancing to high or mixed impact classes, which can include power step, boxing, circuit training, and body sculpting.

Read the aerobics class reviews below to see what others have had to say about this popular style of training. Add your own review below or, if you’re new to aerobics, contact us to find a health club offering this workout program in your area. Other variations of aerobic training include step aerobics, striptease aerobics, and aqua aerobics.

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More on Low Impact Aerobics:

History: Invented by Dr. Kenneth Cooper at a San Antonio Air Force facility in the 1960's, Aerobics eventually took off and became one of the world's most popular fitness training methodologies in the '80s and onward to the present day. Low Impact Aerobics is simply the term that came to be associated with typically less intense Aerobic exercises working large muscle groups without a great deal of exertion required, including treadmill, stationary bike, and light swimming.

Duration of Class: 45 to 60 minutes

Caloric Burn: 352 cal/hr for 150 lb person

Levels Offered: You can usually upgrade to classes of higher intensity aerobics as low impact exercises become easier for you. The next level could be a Dance Aerobics or Aqua Aerobics class, eventually leading to some classes incorporating High Impact activities like intense running and jumping.

Attire: Comfortable workout clothes, tennis shoes, sweat bands if desired.

Desired Results: Burn fat, heart health

Gender: Male, Female, Co-ed

Things to Bring: As always, water bottle and a towel.

More on High Impact Aerobics

History: First developed as a part of astronaut training in Texas in the 1960's, Aerobics became a worldwide phenomenon in the '70s and '80s, and remain a tried and true method for maintaining heart health and getting fit. High Impact Aerobics, though a somewhat newer term, have existed since the dawning of Aerobics, representing simply a more intense form of the same general workout techniques.

Duration of Class: 25 to 50 minutes

Caloric Burn: 493 cal/hr for person weighing 150 lbs.

Levels Offered: High Impact is a level of Aerobics itself, a step up from Medium and Low Impact Aerobics.

Attire: Workout shorts, t-shirt or sports bra, tennis shoes, sweat bands

Desired Results: Tone muscle, burn fat, healthier heart, stress relief.

Gender: Male & Female

Things to Bring: Water, towel, change of clothes.

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