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Pilates is a unique workout method that emphasizes the concept of mind over matter, with special attention to the spine and the body's central muscular groups in the abdomen, hips, lower back, and buttocks. A distant cousin of Yoga, Pilates movements require extreme precision, balance, fluidity, and concentration. When done properly, Pilates can prove beneficial both physically and mentally, theoretically restoring a person's natural balance.

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History: Joseph Pilates invented the original Pilates fitness methodology during World War I, believing that mental health has a direct impact on one's physical health. He wrote two books outlining the specifics of Pilates training, including deep breathing, heightened circulation, deep mental focus, and highly controlled muscle movements. Nearly a century later, his techniques have caught on with a whole new generation, with millions of people practicing a form of Pilates, and thousands of instructors teaching its methods all over the world. Pilates certainly isn't showing any signs of going away, and many health clubs have adopted it as a featured fitness class.

Duration of Class: About 1 hour

Caloric Burn: Between 300 and 400 cal/hr for a 150 lb person.

Levels Offered: Varies by class, but usually moves along at traditional Fundamental to Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels, with intensity of training increasing gradually along the way.

Attire: T-shirt, tank top, or sports bra and comfortable shorts or workout pants.

Desired Results: Increased strength & flexibility, spine alignment, reduce stress.

Gender: Female and Male

Things to Bring: Water bottle, towel

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