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Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art with the aim of promoting health and longevity. With Tai Chi the emphasis is on the mind and spirit as opposed to the development of brute strength. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary health club tour or find out what other gym members think about Tai Chi workouts below.

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"I loved my experience at Tao Yoga & Tai Chi in Union Square. It was an amazing experience offering both Asian style yoga and Tai Chi / Ki Gong classes. The only thing I can say is that I FELT so amazing after my session- not just relaxed and peaceful as I do after traditional Eastern Indian Yoga; but, the sense of balance and happiness was incredible. It truely is a practice for someone who wants to experience energy, how to use it, and the dynamics of it within and outside the body. I … Read More" - Submitted by Anonymous of New York, NY

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History: Tai Chi utilizes slow routines and delicate movements to achieve a sense of relaxation. In Asia, Tai Chi has been used for many years as an early morning group exercise. It's believed to be a great way to relieve stress after a hard day’s work or to calm the mind in the morning. Some medical studies support its effectiveness as an alternative exercise and a form of martial arts therapy. With Tai Chi’s slow movements, it has become a popular exercise with Senior Fitness, although the benefits of Tae Chi are open to everyone.

Duration of Class: Tai Chi classes range from 45-90 minutes. Times close to sunset or sunrise are believed to have special benefits but classes at these times are not necessary to enjoy a Tai Chi workout.

Caloric Burn: 230-345 calories are burned per hour with Tai Chi

Levels Offered: Tai Chi offers beginner, intermediate, and expert classes

Attire: Wear loose, comfortable clothing for Tai chi. Shoes are optional, but refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, or noisy jewelry.

Desired Results: Tai Chi is used to improve balance, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. It’s long been known to improve balance and mobility in older people. Studies have even shown Tai Chi can help lower blood pressure and alleviate pain from arthritis.

Gender: Tai Chi is welcomed to both genders. Women-only classes are a rarity in Tai Chi because it is traditionally favorable to have an even mix of Yin (female) and Yang (male) energy within a class.

Things to Bring: Water and a clean towel.

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