Wall Climbing

Climbing walls are artificially constructed walls in health clubs with specially made grips for hands and feet. Depending on the facility, climbing walls can be offered indoors or outdoors. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary health club tour or find out what other gym members think about climbing walls below.

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More Details On Wall Climbing

History: The first artificial Climbing Wall was created in the UK by Don Robinson in 1964. Robinson’s experiment began by inserting pieces of rock into a corridor wall at Leeds University. Climbing walls have gained popularity because it allows urban health club clients the opportunity to try rock climbing. Having access to indoor or outdoor climbing walls has become a major selling point for many health clubs.

Duration of Class: Health clubs offer lead climbs, open climbs, and supervised climbs on various schedules.

Caloric Burn: Depending on duration of the climb and route difficulty, Climbing Walls can burn between 650-950 calories per hour.

Levels Offered: Health clubs offer climbing walls with various levels of difficult.

Attire: Rock climbing shoes and helmets are a must. Climbing wall equipment can be rented from most health clubs. Remember to wear appropriate clothing, so as not to expose yourself to those beneath you.

Desired Results: Climbing walls offer a fun, challenging workout. It’s a great way to stay fit as opposed to building muscle.

Gender: Male and Female

Things to Bring: Harness with belay device and carabineer (can be rented from health clubs).

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