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Looking Great for Social Media: New Motivations for Aesthetic Treatments

The Value of Cosmetic Treatments from a Patient's Perspective Now a picture is worth more than a thousand words! In today's world, many find it worth the cost of cosmetic treatments to look their best on today’s numerous social media platforms. Non-surgical procedures are on the rise, comprising 83% of the total cosmetic procedures …...

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Keeping Office Roles Clearly Defined

Maintaining Office Roles With so many things to go over during an in-office visit, it might be tempting to jump into every topic, including financial options. Just a reminder: don’t forget that keeping roles within your office well defined will only serve to benefit patient satisfaction and, ultimately, conversion and return rates. Taking …...

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5 Fashionable Ways to Avoid Sunburns This Summer

Waves lapping, fresh warm breezes, and powder blue skies in all directions means it’s officially summer! But before you go out and …...

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Using Makeup for a Slimmer Looking Nose

It’s pretty common to be dissatisfied with their appearance of your nose. It’s either too big, too wide, not straight enough, …...

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Build a Pergola: The Perfect Backyard Addition

It’s gardening season, once again. If you are an avid gardener, the spring finally allows you to escape into your seasonal hobby. …...

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Bunkers, Bomb Shelters & Storm Cellars: Keeping Your Family Safe

If you’ve flipped on the news recently, you’ve probably seen the weather man pointing at a picture of the latest tropical storm …...

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Do Toning Shoes Work?

Electronic ab belts, 24-hour Hollywood diet, slimming body wraps, and the cookie diet. There’s no doubt that Americans go crazy over …...

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Top 5 Diet Plans for Kids

Diets are all over the news and gossip rags. Millions of dollars are made on diet products every year. But diets for children aren’t as …...

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Review: GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening

There are so many ways to get your teeth whiter, that it can be difficult to figure out which solutions work, and which ones are duds, …...

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At-Home Teeth Whitening vs Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth undergo a lot of wear and tear, which means it is only natural that they will need a cosmetic tune-up now and then. Drinks like coffee …...

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SlimLipo: New Body Sculpting Laser

Laser liposuction is quickly becoming one of the most fashionable techniques to get rid of unwelcome fat from various locations on the human …...

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Chin Implants Are The Fastest Growing Surgery in the U.S.

Have you noticed a subtle protrusion emerging from your colleague’s chin that’s making him look a little more dapper and …...

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Meet the Hair Restoration Robot: ARTAS Earns FDA Nod

There's a new expert in the field of hair restoration . ARTAS™ is a high-tech system that uses a computer, imaging technology, and an …...

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Thermal Reconditioning Review: A Personal Testimonial

Thermal reconditioning has many names: Japanese hair straightening, thermal straightening, ionic straightening, magic straight perm, and …...

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Virgin Waxing Sparks Controversy

Across the Atlantic in Birminghand, England, one mother is treating her 8-year old daughter with routine Botox injections and what she calls …...

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Do Hair Growth Inhibitors Work?

If you feel like you’re constantly shaving, trimming, waxing, or shearing your hair, you may have considered a hair growth inhibitor to …...

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Why Promoting a Family Friendly Office is Important

Women make up the largest portion of those seeking plastic surgery, and many of them are mothers. 80% of the facial procedures performed in …...

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Case Study – “A Tale of Two Clients”

Using Surveying to Close More Sales — Today Businesses are serious about surveying customers these days. Depending on their key …...

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