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Looking Great for Social Media: New Motivations for Aesthetic Treatments

The Value of Cosmetic Treatments from a Patient's Perspective Now a picture is worth more than a thousand words! In today's world, many find …...

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Keeping Office Roles Clearly Defined

Maintaining Office Roles With so many things to go over during an in-office visit, it might be tempting to jump into every topic, including …...

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Why Promoting a Family Friendly Office is Important

Women make up the largest portion of those seeking plastic surgery, and many of them are mothers. 80% of the facial procedures performed in …...

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Case Study – “A Tale of Two Clients”

Using Surveying to Close More Sales — Today Businesses are serious about surveying customers these days. Depending on their key …...

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Is Social Media Helping You – Close the Sale?

Newsflash! Social media is NOT just a fad. That sounds silly today, of course, but even just 1 year ago, headlines revealed that smart people …...

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Social Signals and Search Results: How You can Adapt to Google

Beginning in 2012 it became apparent that Social Signals, i.e., Likes, +1’s, Shares, Pins, etc., were beginning to correlate strongly …...

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Give in to Pricing Transparency

Be Forward about Finances I have had many doctors tell me that they want the opportunity to build a relationship and listen to the …...

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Are Your Surveys Actually Worth It?

Many business owners agree – surveying customers is a good idea. We talk to quite a few who are dabbling in surveys. However, we talk …...

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Growing Your Business by Managing Customer Touchpoints

When it comes to evaluating the success of a Company’s marketing and sales functions there is often conflict between the two …...

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How to Job Hunt While Still Employed

If you have a job during this down economy, you’re one of the lucky ones. Unfortunately, the recession caused many well-qualified …...

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Benefits of Hiring a Job Search Coach

Finding a job these days—especially in a down economy—can be a battle. Thousands of resumes and applications are submitted to …...

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Top 10 Resume Writing Tips

When it comes time to write your resume, it can be difficult to know where to start. Everyone encounters problems when writing out their …...

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Top 10 Job Interviewing Tips

You’ve sent out resumes, submitted applications and finally snagged a job interview. Now comes the difficult part. Interviews can be …...

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