Hair Transplantation Articles

Meet the Hair Restoration Robot: ARTAS Earns FDA Nod

There's a new expert in the field of hair restoration . ARTAS™ is a high-tech system that uses a computer, imaging technology, and an …...

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Thermal Reconditioning Review: A Personal Testimonial

Thermal reconditioning has many names: Japanese hair straightening, thermal straightening, ionic straightening, magic straight perm, and …...

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Do Hair Loss Shampoos Work?

There are so many topical products on the market claiming to treat hair loss that it is difficult to determine which ones are legit and which …...

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Rogaine vs. Propecia: Hair Regrowth Showdown

For men and women concerned about hair loss but hesitant to invest in a surgical procedure like hair transplantation , there are a number of …...

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X5 Hair Laser Review

The Spencer Forest X5 Hair Laser is a handheld device with a series of lasers designed to stimulate hair growth for both men and women …...

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Finding the Baldness Gene

Male pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia, is a common problem that affects as many as one-third of all men by the age of …...

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Top 5 Hair Regrowth Myths

Male pattern baldness is not a serious medical condition, but it can cause significant embarrassment and a big blow to a man's self esteem. …...

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Can Stress Cause Gray Hair?

In the June 12 issue of the magazine Cell , a report was released which officially linked graying hair to personal stress. Researchers …...

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Hair Transplant Side Effects and Risks

Any form of cosmetic surgery will have some level of risk associated with it. Hair transplant procedures are no exception. Even as modern …...

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Nicolas Cage: Hair Plugs Hero?

The life of an aging action hero is never easy. Leaping out of exploding helicopters takes a greater toll than it used to, beating up baddies …...

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Permanent Hair Loss vs Temporary Hair Loss

Hair loss is a troubling disorder that can cause a great amount of stress, personal embarrassment and social difficulties. According to …...

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Hair Loss Discoveries: Gene Therapy

Male pattern baldness has often been associated with genetics. In fact, studies linking hair loss to hereditary are nothing new, however, …...

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Defending Joe Biden: Hair Transplant Hero

These days, a Vice Presidential candidate ought to be pretty grateful that the worst accusations most people can throw at him involve his …...

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New Study: Adding Muscles May Mean Losing Hair

Whenever anyone sees a bald muscular man, one thing always pops into mind: steroids. We assume if he’s bald and massive, he must be on …...

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Female Hair Loss: Rogaine® vs Transplantation

It’s hard enough worrying about simple things in the spring, like planting a new garden or buying a new wardrobe. There’s plenty …...

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Bald vs Balding: The Hair Loss Showdown

The question is what’s better: To gradually lose your hair and try to style it to the best of your ability or to just say, “To …...

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History of Hair Loss Remedies

Hair loss has affected every culture throughout history, and just as every culture has its own folklores and superstitions, every culture has …...

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A Winning Wink: The Long and Short of Eyelash Transplant Surgery

Hair loss products like Propecia® and Rogaine® have shown some effectiveness with restoring hair on the top of our heads, but what …...

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The Strange Ways of Wade: Hair Restoration All-Star

These days, many Americans know Wade Boggs as the smiling, mustachioed face of Medical Hair Restoration, showing off his before and after …...

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Want to Look Like a Star: Celebrity Hairpieces

Celebrity style is hard to duplicate, some say it’s in the attitude, others say it’s the clothes, while other’s still say …...

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Popcorn and Propecia: Film Explores Teenage Hair Loss

A new film, Harold , is trying to capture the lighter side of teenage hair loss. The movie stars Spencer Breslin ( The Santa Clause , …...

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The Bald, New Flavor of Coca-Cola: Man Sues Cola Company Over Hair Loss

Cavities are to be expected with any soft drink, but hair loss? A Japanese man, Masaharu Takasu, has filed a lawsuit against the Indonesian …...

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A Hair-Raising Caper: Bald Man Caught Stealing Hair Loss Treatment

Add petty larceny to the lengths men are willing to go to battle hair loss. A bald man went into an Ossining, NY, pharmacy and stole five …...

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