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Do Toning Shoes Work?

Electronic ab belts, 24-hour Hollywood diet, slimming body wraps, and the cookie diet. There’s no doubt that Americans go crazy over …...

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Top 5 Diet Plans for Kids

Diets are all over the news and gossip rags. Millions of dollars are made on diet products every year. But diets for children aren’t as …...

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The Top 5 Vitamin & Herbal Energy Boosters

Do you find yourself slouching at your desk in the middle of the day? Like the boost that coffee gives you but can’t stand the …...

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The Top 5 Weight Loss Trends of the '60s (for Betty Draper)

Fans of AMC’s 1960’s drama Mad Men have spent this season watching spurned housewife Betty Draper battle a ballooning waistline. …...

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10 Foods for Burning Belly Fat

Ah, the stomach. Often hailed as the sexiest part of a woman’s body (those curves!) and the most desirable on a man’s (those …...

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10 Health Foods That Might Not Actually Be Healthy

Been trying to eat healthy, but not losing the weight ? Sometimes when trying to diet we are a bit misguided about what’s healthy and …...

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5 Surprisingly Healthy Fast Food Options

The extra crispy fried chicken, chocolate milkshakes, and bacon cheeseburgers adorning the drive-thru menus of fast food chains can be …...

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An Introduction to Isolation Tanks

A recent study found that Americans had the least vacation time out of any other country. In light of our obesity epidemic and overall lazy …...

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7 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

In its simplest form, metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories. Metabolism is a vital aspect of weight loss and maintenance, …...

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Top 10 Types of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is one of the best ways to heal, relax, and rejuvenate. But not all massage is created equal-- there are literally hundreds …...

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Does Spicy Food Really Burn Fat Faster?

You may have heard that old wives tale that spicy food burns fat. Well, that's not exactly true. But spicy food does have significant weight …...

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The Truth About Smoking and Weight Loss

If you or someone you know is a regular smoker, then you may have heard this: “I smoke to stay thin.” As it turns out, this …...

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Yoga vs Tai Chi: Stress Relief Showdown

Looking to get in better condition this year? There are many great exercise disciplines to choose from. Two of the most popular for …...

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Top 5 Fitness Trends for 2011

As the economy improves, many individuals are investing in themselves by spending money on fitness. Additionally, as more and more studies …...

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What Being 'Skinny Fat' Means

In a culture that puts a large emphasis on image, many people have accepted that if a person is thin, then they’re in good health. …...

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Wear Your Workout: Self-Toning Fitness Clothes?

We live in a world of instant gratification, quick fixes and fast responses. So it isn’t surprising that some companies are trying to …...

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Taco Bell's Drive-Thru Diet Breakdown

Most people are familiar with Jared Fogle, the smiley Subway spokesman and modern pop culture's most famous fast food dieter. Now, to promote …...

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Signature Health Club Gift Cards are Here!

Give the gift of good health and improved fitness this holiday season, with health club gift certificates from SignatureForum! Why Health …...

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Best Foods for Fat Loss

In addition to regular exercise and eating right, recent health research has found that we can gain more of an edge in the fight against fat …...

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The Way to Sustainable Weight Loss

Many overweight individuals today have turned to fad dieting, cosmetic body surgery and unsafe weight-loss drugs to drop pounds in a hurry, …...

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The Road to Fall Weight Gain is Paved with Pumpkin Lattes

'Tis the season to be spooky, and soon we will be “gobble gobble-ing,” but fall holidays can also mean bursting seams as we sip …...

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Looking Super: Downey, Norton, Smith Bulk Up For Hero Roles

It's no secret that Hollywood is in love with the superhero genre these days. But unlike the massive, musclebound comic book heroes of days …...

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Harvard University’s Co-Ed Controversy: Women-only Workouts

The biggest debate currently spreading through Harvard University as nothing to do with math, science, or politics. The burning issue …...

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Wonder Water: A Look at the Fitness Water Boom

“Fitness Water” used to be known by a simpler name: “water.” But thanks to a mix of science and clever marketing, …...

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Man’s Best Friend is also Man’s Workout Buddy

Having someone to workout with is a great source of motivation. Like a personal trainer, fitness programs work better when there’s …...

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Body Building & Ballet?

When you think of the world's toughest athletes-- football players, bodybuilders, wrestlers-- you probably think of training regimens …...

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Work Out the King James Way

At just 23 years of age, LeBron James is already arguably the most dominant athlete in sports. A super-star forward for the NBA's Cleveland …...

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Gym Class Heroes: The President's Fitness Test

For decades, elementary school students have seen their phys ed classes temporarily transformed into the whirlwind gauntlet known as the …...

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Squashing the Competition: 10 Healthiest Sports

For folks who like their fitness in the form of competition, Forbes Magazine has some surprising news about which sport really delivers the …...

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Study: Good Health Choices Add 14 Years to Your Life!

It's the sort of health advice you've been hearing all your life: eat your vegetables, exercise regularly, and don't drink or smoke. But it …...

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300 Percent Effort: Hollywood Workout Regimens

Hollywood actors never cease to amaze when it comes to their ability to transform for a role. Sometimes this means hours in a makeup chair, …...

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Yoga & Tai Chi: Ancient Asian Arts Find Their Way to Your Health Club

Whether or not you've ever taken a health club Tai Chi class or Yoga class, you probably know that these two physical and spiritual practices …...

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