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February 2008 
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Even though another Valentine's Day has come and gone, it's never too late to show your special someone how you feel. It doesn't require buying more roses or chocolates, either! Sometimes, as all lovebirds know, a simple, heartfelt smile is all it takes to light up a room and express the strongest of emotions. This is especially true when that smile's expressed with the type of confidence that comes with having bright, healthy looking teeth.

Of course, not all of us are blessed with perfect, movie-star chompers. No matter how often you brush or how perfectly straight your teeth may be, tooth discoloration can still have its heartbreaking effects, turning many shining smiles into measured grins. The good news is, thanks to modern developments in cosmetic dentistry, anyone can trade the frustration of discoloration for the joy of pearly whites!

The two most advanced and successful forms of teeth whitening available today are Laser Teeth Whitening and Light-Based Whitening, both of which are regularly provided by reputable cosmetic dentists across the country. While there are also many over-the-counter teeth whitening strips and gels out there, most people find that the results for such products are relatively minimal and short-lived, which has led to a rapid increase in popularity among professional teeth whitening options.

Laser Teeth Whitening

In about the same time it takes to watch an episode of your favorite TV drama, you can make your smile 8-12 shades brighter! That's the magic of Laser Teeth Whitening, a safe, simple outpatient procedure in which a precision laser is used to accelerate the activity of a special, hydrogen-peroxide bleaching gel on the teeth. One of the most popular brands of professional Laser Teeth Whitening is called Zoom!®, and is named for its ability to whiten teeth in an hour or less. Zoom!® treatments perfectly fit a working person's schedule, and generally cost anywhere from $500 to $1500, depending on the dentist. For a few days following the treatment, gum sensitivity is common, and patients are asked to temporarily avoid common staining liquids like wine and coffee. Over all, however, side effects and risks are minimal, and the instant results rarely leave patients disappointed.

Light-Based Teeth Whitening

An alternative to Zoom!® whitening treatments is BriteSmile®, one of the world's leading, Light-Based Teeth Whitening solutions. Like Laser Teeth Whitening, BriteSmile&; treatments are outpatient procedures that rarely take longer than an hour and a half. The key difference is that BriteSmile® uses a Gas Plasma Blue Light, rather than a laser, to activate the hydrogen-based bleaching solution. This blue light is not heated, and it exists in an area of the light spectrum that makes it completely safe for patients. Better yet, it gets amazing, instantly noticeable results, brightening teeth up to nine shades in one session! These results can last 2-3 years for some people, and at a cost rarely above $600, BriteSmile® can prove to be a very worthwhile investment.

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So, now that you have some options to consider, why not take the next step and give you, or your special someone the gift that keeps on giving: a bright, stunning smile! The procedure is easier than it's ever been, and with a little help from your friends at SignatureForum, the process of scheduling your procedure has never been easier, either!

No matter where you live or which type of teeth whitening treatment you're interested in, SignatureForum can help you locate and schedule an appointment with a skilled and capable cosmetic dentist in your area. To take advantage of our unique gift certificates, or to learn more about teeth whitening providers in your area, contact us today at 888.517.4187. Or, you can also visit Healthy Smile Forum for more in-depth cosmetic dentistry information.

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