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February 2007
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A Unique Valentine's Day Gift
With Valentine's Day upon us once again, you may have noticed your local stores being inundated with chocolate and flowers. Well, instead of the same old $20 box of chocolate, why not get her, him, or yourself something truly unique this year: A SignatureForum gift certificate.

SignatureForum gift certificates can be used for all kinds of great services: skin rejuvenation, spa treatments, laser hair removal, health club memberships, teeth whitening, home remodeling and so much more! We'd like to see a box of chocolate do all that. Purchase yours today - it's online and easy!
Valentine's Day is Almost Here February 14th is right around the corner, so you're probably busy filling out Valentines, fending off secret admirers, making hearts out of construction paper and doilies, and shopping for the perfect gift for your special someone. Er...ok, so maybe just the last one. But that's just enough! Trying to find a unique, memorable Valentine's Day gift is time consuming.

Then again, that's why you have SignatureForum. In addition to some fun and practical advice on flaunting flawless skin, nipping those lovehandles (yes, we said it) in the bud, and more, we've got a great tip on a Valentine's Day gift idea for you.

So read on, learn, and discover how SignatureForum can help you free up some time this February to focus on everything you love.

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Kicking Lovehandles to the Curb
Lovehandles—the name suggests that they're something we desire. But, we know better. They're a stubborn area of fat around the waistline that most of us, men and women alike, would love to get rid of. However, this sometimes seems like an impossible feat. No matter how much we exercise or how well we eat, we just can't seem to kick 'em.

Let us suggest a few new ideas to help you finally minimize those persistent lovehandles.
Depending on just how much love is in your to speak, you might benefit from Velasmooth treatments. Often used specifically as a cellulite remedy, Velasmooth is an incredible skin-tightening procedure that combines advanced technology with intense massage to safely contour the skin's surface. This process does require a series of treatments, but involves zero downtime.

Say what you will about liposuction, but it's a body contouring procedure that has stood the test of time. Safe for a variety of shapes and sizes, liposuction uses a vacuum-like process to remove stubborn fat and create a smoother, more attractive contour. This is a one-time deal that can have permanent results—just be sure to keep up your healthy eating and regular exercise.

Whether or not you know your way around the gym, sometimes a little extra push is all you need to trim your lovehandles. A good personal trainer can show you unique exercises and keep you motivated to help you focus on banishing this problem area. Ask about personal trainers at your local health club—most offer this service for free with a membership or for a small fee.
The Quest for Flawless Skin
With love in the air this February, Cupid's arrow might give some lucky people a natural radiant glow. But for most of us, love alone isn't enough to prevent the effects that aging, winter, and stress have on the skin. We've collected a few common skin complaints below and the real solutions that can help you erase them. Flawless skin is in your future...even if Cupid let's you down.
Large Pores – These are sometimes easy to overlook, but once treated, make a world of difference. Anyone can develop large pores, but they're usually genetic and occur mostly for people with oily complexions. Also referred to as blackheads, these dark dots can be removed through microdermabrasion. In a series of simple, safe treatments, your large pores will be minimized and you'll be left with smooth, healthy skin.

Acne Scarring – Many of us are familiar with acne and some of us even mastered the art of preventing and treating it. But for many, the acne battle was rough and what comes afterward often poses a new challenge. Those dark little marks, or acne scars, make skin look tired and unhealthy. Luckily, they can be eliminated through cosmetic treatments like microdermabrasion or chemical peels. Although they can involve a bit more downtime, chemical peels, like microdermabrasion, are a trusted option for rejuvenating tired skin.

Wrinkles – Plain and simple, they make us look old. Whether a result of sun exposure, smoking, pure age, or lack of proper skin care, wrinkles should be treated—and prevented. (Stave off future wrinkles by drinking plenty of water and moisturizing daily!) There are a variety of options available for treating wrinkles, including Botox©, Thermage, Photofacial, or Restylane. Explore these and more with a skin specialist and you'll certainly find the flawless skin you desire.

Undereye Circles – No matter how much sleep you get, you may still find that you develop dark circles under the eyes. This is something that tends to come with age, as the skin thins and veins beneath the skin become more apparent. Nothing creates a tired, unhealthy appearance quite like undereye circles. Thankfully, laser skin rejuvenation can help you reclaim a refreshed, radiant appearance, as it will stimulate collagen production and plump the skin.
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All of us at SignatureForum take it very seriously when you tell a friend about us. After all, that's the highest compliment you can give someone! We once wondered, "How can we ever thank them?" Lucky for you, our answer is, "With presents!" Now, when you connect us with one of your friends through the SignatureForum Rewards program, we'll connect them with quality service, and connect you with free stuff! And, hey...thanks again.

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