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The Bald & The Beautiful: 3 Ways to Handle Hair Loss

These days, there are three main schools of thought when it comes to dealing with the onset of hair loss. One involves letting nature takes it course, another fights the good fight to regain what's been lost, and the final approach flips the tables on hair loss altogether, speeding up the process to its clean-shaven conclusion. For this edition of the Signature Forum Hair Restoration Newsletter, we're going to look at these three responses to hair loss, represented by three archetypes of the "balding man."

The Talk Show Host

This is the balding man who refuses to surrender without a fight to the finish. And who can blame him? A nice head of hair carries a lot of weight in our society, and it's always been a great injustice to witness a once mighty hairstyle reduced to a comb-over. The Talk Show Host decides to turn back the clock and reclaim his hair, using one or more of today's increasingly effective hair restoration methods. Sure, there are also plenty of guys who go with the less convincing hair-piece option. But for more and more balding men, hair loss treatments are going scientific. Hair transplant surgery, laser hair therapy, and hair replacement systems are all proven medical methods for hair regrowth. Many men also elect to try hit-or-miss pills like Propecia® and Rogaine®. The goal of the Talk Show Host is always the same, however: keeping their hair forever!

The School Teacher

In stark contrast to the Talk Show Host, the School Teacher is perfectly happy to let the balding process continue at its natural, methodical rate. Though he defies mainstream culture's concept of typical cranium aesthetics, the School Teacher earns points for his "I don't care" philosophy. Unfortunately, he may also lose untold points with female coworkers and bar room acquaintances, who may see his transitioning hairline as a sign of commitment issues.

The Action Hero

Not willing to wait around like the School Teacher or wage war like the Talk Show Host, the balding man known as the Action Hero has decided to beat hair loss at its own game. Taking pointers from the Michael Jordans and Bruce Willises of the world, the Action Hero realized that, while balding men may face stigma in our society, totally bald men seem to regain their status, and then some! Some men shave their heads to accomplish the strangely appealing cue ball look, while others undergo laser hair removal to put the issue to rest for good. In either case, any potential Action Hero would be wise to make sure that his head is well rounded and proportioned before making the plunge into full fledged all-baldness.

Thanks for Reading

So, which approach to balding is best? In the end, there is no correct answer, just personal preferences based on your own values and aesthetic sensibilities. The key is to research your options and make a decision that you can be happy with, regardless of what societal pressures you might have to deal with.

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