2007: A Year for Better Resolutions
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January 2007
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Today's "Smooth" Tip:
What is the best thing about the Thermage skin rejuvenating procedure?
  1. The way it tightens saggy skin under the chin, in the neck, and along the jaw line
  2. How it lifts tired upper eyelids and eliminates undereye circles
  3. Its ability to erase embarrassing acne and acne scarring
  4. The fact that it provides a fresher appearance and more youthful contours
Answer: What? Pick just one?
You may have specific priorities, but really, all four options qualify as exciting benefits of Thermage—often referred to as the "nonsurgical facelift."
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Celebrate the New Year New Year's Resolutions are often about quitting, changing, or losing. Quit smoking, change your attitude, lose weight. They're made with the best intentions, but what happens every year? We break them. Here's an idea for keeping this year's resolutions in tact...make better resolutions.

Don't just quit smoking, decide to treat your body with more respect.  Instead of trying to lose weight, commit to healthier eating habits or develop a fun fitness program. Who wants to change? Why not improve? Focus less on correcting flaws and more on enhancing strengths, and all those nasty habits just might kick themselves. Now, that would make a year to remember.

Wishing you a year of new discoveries,
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Forecasting Smooth Skin for Summer
A piece of advice: Most people undergo laser hair removal treatments in the fall and winter. Why? It's quite simple—we spend the winter months covered up and out of the sun, which contributes to the success of treatments. Plus, laser hair removal results don't appear overnight...

Laser Hair Removal 101
The entire laser hair removal process usually takes at least 6-8 treatments, spaced at strategic intervals to coincide with the hair growth cycle. Since laser energy only affects actively growing hair, the laser treatments must occur during the active stage of hair growth. The number of treatments required varies a bit based on the body area being treated, and spacing is usually adjusted as treatments progress.

And in case you don't know: laser energy is attracted to the melanin, or dark pigment, of our hair. So an ideal candidate is someone with dark hair and fair skin. This combination better allows the laser light to safely pass through the fair skin and reach its target—the dark hair! But, if you have dark hair with dark skin, don't throw in the towel on laser hair removal. There are a variety of lasers available today that are advanced enough to successfully treat dark skin. The closer you are to the "ideal" skin/hair combination, though, the easier your treatments will be.

Lesson Learned
So, seize these chilly, sun-starved winter months! Arrange a consultation with a laser hair removal specialist today to find out what kind of treatment schedule you can expect. With that smooth, sexy skin, you'll be ready to slip into your warm weather clothing when summer rolls around!

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The Truth About Cellulite
Think there's no hope for improving those unsightly deposits of fat we all know (too well!) as cellulite? Think again.

There are a variety of advanced treaments available today for reducing and removing cellulite. There are also many myths about it, i.e. what it is, where it comes from, and who has it.

So, let's be clear about a few things. Cellulite mostly affects women, although it can also affect men in some rare situations. It's also not exclusive to those who are overweight or over 30. Women of all ages and sizes are vulnerable to cellulite. Exercise alone can't eliminate cellulite, although it certainly can't hurt.

Now, to understand some of the cellulite treatments available today, it's good to have an understanding of cellulite itself. Our skin has three layers, the base of which is made of fat cells held in place by fibrous tissue. When the system is working smoothly, it recycles fats, fluids, and toxins through the body. This keeps the fat layer in tact and our superficial layer of skin smooth. However, sometimes this natural flow becomes restricted and those fats, fluids, and toxins get trapped, straining and hardening the connective tissue. The result: dimpled skin or cellulite.

Why this happens, we unfortunately can't pinpoint. Most blame genetics and hormones, circulation, amount of body fat, and skin thickness. But because we understand what is happening when cellulite forms, we have several advanced options for reducing it.

Which leads us, finally, to cellulite removal! Here are two of the most often requested treatments for cellulite:

Involves the injection of a compound that increases blood flow, encourages lymph drainage, and breaks down fat. This prevents the trapping of fat, resulting in a smooth skin surface. Other benefits: wrinkle removal and improvement of skin tone.
Combines infrared light, radiofrequency energy, suction, and intense massage. Breaks down and redistributes fat and increases overall blood flow. The result is smooth contours, and often an appearance of weight loss.
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