March Into Spring Refreshed and Restored
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March 2007
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Spring is Almost Here We all love it when March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Mother Nature's tendency to improve the weather over the course of the month is always a delightful treat that got us thinking…that Mother Nature is onto something!

Why not take her lead? As the weather improves this month, so can your lifestyle: eat better, take some day trips, read more, exercise. Not enough time? Then pencil in some rejuvenation. We've got tips below to help you do that. And of course, home is integral to many of our lives, so don’t forget that now is the time to start planning this year's home renovation project.

Even if Mother Nature doesn't cooperate this year, you'll be glad to march into spring refreshed, remodeled, and restored.

All our best,
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Love the Home You're In
If you're like most homeowners, chances are you've been dreaming up a remodeling plan for years now, but just keep putting it off. But, with another spring just around the corner, we can't help but wonder: Why the procrastination? Spring brings warmer weather and longer days, making it the ideal season to delve into your home improvement projects. Plus, daylight savings time is moved up almost a full month this year, so you have the perfect opportunity to get a jump on turning your dream house into a reality. Still not convinced? Let's look at some common excuses for putting off home improvement projects.

You know that home renovations come with a price. So you push your remodeling dreams down the list of priorities, balancing them with the cost of the kids' activities, family vacations, and everyday life. Seems fair, until you attend that party in the beautiful home with the gourmet kitchen and vaulted ceilings. Time to remind yourself of a few things. For one, studies show that most or all of the cost of a project will be recouped in the sale of a house. Also, there is financing available for home remodeling projects and interest rates are still in historically low ranges.

Yes, time is precious. We all want more of it and we hate to waste it. And the simple fact is: when you commit to a basement remodeling project or room addition, you're investing your time. But doing so now will mean good times and memories. And keep in mind that many upgrades can lead to a more efficient home, so over the years you'll even save time! If you really hate to wait, talk to your prospective contractors about the time issue. Ask to speak with previous clients to find out if deadlines were met. Be direct about this being a priority of yours (but remain realistic!), and you'll be able to keep the project within a manageable schedule.

No one will tell you the remodeling process is a walk in the park, but the hassle ultimately should make your life easier and more satisfying. Many homeowners look back with fondness on the summer their family room was being expanded or their kitchen remodeled. It's an experience that you and your family can share together. Take pictures of each stage of the project, delight in the anticipation, and when it's done, relax in your new comfortable space to reminisce. Again, you can help yourself through this process a bit by choosing a contractor who clearly considers your family's privacy, comfort, and schedules.

Not sure if you can move existing plumbing? Think your basement walls have to stay where they are? Don't let yourself put off your ideal renovation because of restrictions you think exist. The best thing to do is start talking to contractors about the possibilities. You'll probably be surprised at what can be done. Also, many contractors specialize in space planning or work closely with architects, so they can offer innovative design ideas far beyond what you'd dreamed.

Find a quality home remodeling contractor near you.

What's a MedSpa?
You've been hearing about MedSpas in radio ads lately and have noticed them popping up in your neighborhood. So, you probably know what a MedSpa is, right? Well, if not, allow us to explain. Much more than your typical spa, yet less clinical than an average doctor's office, a MedSpa is a combination of the best of both environments.

One Stop. Multiple Choices.
MedSpas offer anti-aging procedures and cosmetic injections that plump lips, smooth wrinkles, tighten skin, erase blemishes, improve skin tone, and treat cellulite. They also offer laser treatments for hair removal, vein therapy, and general skin rejuvenation. In addition to these advanced skin care solutions, MedSpas also offer more familiar services like massages, manicures, pedicures, and traditional facials. And to help you with your at-home regimen, MedSpas also sell skin care products.

Professional Medical Care. Unparalleled Customer Service.
What really makes the MedSpa environment special is that you get all those skin treatments with true medical care. In addition to trained and accredited nurses, technicians, and aestheticians, all MedSpas have a medical doctor on staff. So you can visit the office for a standard facial and then confidently seek advice about and solutions for more serious skin problems. The marriage of aesthetics and medicine means you get the most comprehensive skin care possible. That combination also means you enjoy personable, caring customer service in a relaxed, spa-like setting.

Research advanced skin-care specialists near you.
Restylane: No Passing Fad
Looking for a longer-lasting way to treat wrinkles? Look no further than Restylane.

Restylane has already gained popularity in the last several years as a natural, long-lasting wrinkle treatment. But based on the evidence of a recent study conducted by the University of Michigan Medical School, this injectable treatment is likely to develop an even bigger fan base. The study found that Restylane stimulates facial skin cells to actually create new, natural collagen. This means it may last even longer than previously expected.

The anti-wrinkle treatment that keeps on treating
Aesthetic skin-care specialists have always known that Restylane smoothes wrinkles by physically filling in the wrinkle-causing space beneath the skin. They now know that this is not all that's at play. Restylane's physical presence accounts for its immediate effects, but the study confirms that 3-4 weeks after a Restylane treatment, the skin starts to form its own new collagen. It even prevents further collagen damage. What's more, the results are said to last longer after additional treatments.

You already love Restylane because it's a natural substance and one treatment takes less than 30 minutes. Now you know it produces new collagen for plumper, smoother, more youthful skin. The only question that remains is where to go for your next Restylane treatment.

Find a Restylane specialist near you.
The Truth about Hair Loss
"I'll live with it." That's a conclusion many folks reach when confronted with hair loss. It's not a bad decision—if it's reached for the right reasons. What could be a wrong reason? How about believing that an effective, time-proven technique doesn't really exist? Unfortunately, that belief keeps many people from considering hair restoration surgery.

If you're "living with" hair loss for the wrong reasons, join the thousands of men and women who have discovered the truth about hair restoration surgery. Your own, healthy hair is used to strategically and artistically fill in the balding area of your head. Unlike the hair you've lost, your transplanted hair follicles are genetically resistant to the causes of hair loss. They retain this attribute even after being transplanted, so they'll continue to grow, making this a permanent solution.
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