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February 2008 
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Well, February is upon us, along with another edition of the SignatureForum plastic surgery newsletter. This month, we're going to explore modern advancements in today's facial cosmetic surgery procedures. If there's one thing we hope our readers learn this month, it's that to achieve long lasting, wrinkle-free results, you don't need to stay holed up in your house for weeks looking like a mummy. In fact, minimally invasive techniques, requiring small incisions, can have most people back to normal activities within days. Read on and learn more!

Evolving from Standard Facelifts to Thread Lifts

Facelifts come in all different styles and can be as simple or as effective as you want. There's the Standard Facelift, S-lift, Mini-facelift, Thread Lift, Brow Lift, or Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). Modern facelifts allow you to target your problem areas, rejuvenate facial contours, or smooth and tighten your overall appearance. We're probably all familiar with the standard facelift, involving a small incision on the hairline. Skin is then drawn and tightened for a youthful appearance. Standard facelifts; however, are really only appropriate for more pronounced signs of aging, such as deeper folds and extensive "jowling."


S-Lifts have been performed since the 1960's and besides the standard facelift, might be what we're most familiar with. An "S" like incision is made by the ear, hidden by the ear fold, and provides skin tightening to the neck and lower third of the face. The S-lift has become the preferred technique of most plastic surgeons because it is a quicker operation to perform with fewer complications and a much faster recovery time.


The Mini-facelift is similar to the S-lift but designed for skin with wrinkles that are less severe. Generally, this procedure is utilized most commonly for the under 40 crowd. Mini-facelifts target individual problem areas instead of an overall effect. This is the plastic surgery that younger patients are looking for to refresh their skin, without the need for a complete facelift.

Thread Lift

Thread Lifts or Feather Lifts are today's most innovative facelift surgery. A cosmetic surgeon uses a hollow needle to insert feather-like threads under the skin. The surgeon then uses these threads to gently tug the skin around the eyes, neck, lip, or brow. New collagen forms around the threads to maintain the lifted effect. Since Thread Lifts are so minimally invasive, you do not need anesthesia. These means you can use a mirror during your surgery to direct the plastic surgeon on how you want your Thread Lift to look.

Brow Lift

Brow Lifts or Forehead Lifts involve an incision from ear to ear. The plastic surgeon essentially lifts the forehead up and removes excess skin from the scalp, the muscles are tightened, and the remaining skin is repositioned to create a youthful and rested appearance.


Eyelid surgery is for that sensitive skin around our eyes. Blepharoplasty surgery corrects puffy, droopy, or wrinkled upper or lower eyelids by removing excess fat, skin, and muscle. The remaining skin is smoothed to create a refreshed appearance.

Combine Facelifts for Best Results

These facelift techniques can be used separately to smooth out selected areas or combined with each other to achieve maximum results. Facelifts are often combined with energy treatments like IPL, Titan®, or Thermage®. Energy treatments, when combined with facelifts, can provide for faster recover times. Treatments like Thermage and Titan can also be used to enhance an overall facelift. A brow lift can smooth out forehead creases, while a Titan treatment can smooth the skin around the jaw and neck. SmartLipo™ can also be used to tighten the skin around the neck and chin. Why not combine a Thread Lift with SmartLipo for a minimally invasive, total facial rejuvenation?

Thanks for Reading

Thanks for reading the SignatureForum Plastic Surgery newsletter. If you have any questions about what's new in facelift surgery, don't hesitate to Contact Us. We'd be happy to answer any of your questions or connect you with a plastic surgeon in our SignatureForum network who performs your preferred facelift surgery in your area.

Until Next Time,
The SignatureForum Staff

TreatmentsAverage CostsArea of EffectResults Seen in...
Standard Facelift$6500Entire face4-6 weeks
S-Lift$6500Lower third of face2 weeks
Mini-Facelifts$4000Lower third2 weeks
Thread Lift$3500Entire face3 weeks
Brow$5000Brow and forehead4-6 weeks
Blepharoplasty$4000Upper and/or lower eyelids2 weeks

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