February 2008 
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Hello and welcome to another edition of SignatureForum's plastic surgery newsletter. In last month's newsletter, we took a closer look at facelift surgery. This month, we'll focus on the body shaping technique, liposuction. For over the past 30 years, Liposuction has been one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the United States; however, it is a treatment that is shrouded in mystery. What is liposuction? What can liposuction really do for your body? Well, it's high time we de-mystified this highly effective cosmetic surgery procedure and take a look at the different forms of liposuction offered today.

What can Liposuction really do for the body?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes exercise resistant body fat. It should be noted that liposuction is considered a body contouring system, not a weight loss system. The best methods to lose weight are still good old-fashioned diet and exercise, and can be sped up through spa procedures like the Arasys inch loss and cellulite removal system. While liposuction may not be a weight loss solution, 30 years of advancements have made this procedure safer and efficient, with faster recovery times than ever before.

Types of Liposuction: What's on the Market?

Liposuction was the most popular plastic surgery performed last year and the top areas for liposuction still include the abs and thighs for both women and men. There are three main types of liposuction available today: Tumescent Lipo, Ultrasound Assisted Lipo, and Laser Assisted Lipo. Let's break down the differences for you below:

Tumescent Liposuction—Tumescent Lipo is the oldest form of liposuction still in use. Consider it the older cousin of today's Ultrasound Assisted and Laser Assisted Liposuction, but that's not to say Tumescent is in any way obsolete. Tumescent Lipo is considered by many cosmetic surgeons to be the tried and true method of liposuction. Tumescent Liposuction may require a little more downtime than Ultrasound Assisted or Laser Assisted liposuction, but it's hard to argue with results.

Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction—Sometimes referred to as LipoSelection®, Ultrasound Assisted Lipo not only uses a suction system, but ultrasonic energy (sound waves) to dissolve fat cells for a speedier recovery period with less discomfort. The only difference with LipoSelection® is that it uses the patented Vaser System, whereas other ultrasonic liposuction systems use the generic term Ultrasound Assisted Lipo. Ultrasound Assisted treatments leave surrounding tissue, nerves, and blood vessels intact, which means you'll be on your feet faster with less bruising or swelling.

Laser Assisted Liposuction—This method uses small lasers inside the liposuction tubing. The light energy helps to firm up localized areas of fat while tightening the skin. This is a great method of liposuction for shaping and sculpting the body. Also commonly referred to as SmartLipo™, Laser Assisted Liposuction has become popular for the chin, upper arms, and waist.

Type of LiposuctionLength of SurgeryRecovery Time
Tumescent Lipo2 hours2 – 3 weeks
Ultrasound Assisted Lipo1 – 2 hours3 – 5 days
Laser Assisted Lipo30 minutes – 1 hour2 – 4 days
Liposuction prices are all comparable, ranging from $3000 to $6000.

Liposuction & Cellulite – The Winning Combo Treatment

One common misconception about Liposuction is that it can get rid of cellulite. Liposuction helps shape your body, but is not designed to smooth out cellulite. In fact, cellulite is most often too small or concentrated in area to be treated with Liposuction. The best treatments for cellulite are actually non-surgical treatments like LipoDissolve, Mesotherapy, and VelaSmooth™. Arasys also doubles as a body sculpting and cellulite removing treatment.

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For more information on Liposuction, Click Here to visit Plastic Surgery Portal's Liposuction page, or use our online directory plastic surgeons to find a professional in your area that performs the type of liposuction you're most interested in. Also, you can check out SignatureForum's Plastic Surgery Blog for all the latest updates in plastic surgery and skin care.

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