Procedure Review by Myriam R. of Sunny Isles Beach , FL

"This is the worst experience of my life. I had 5 e-matrix treaments to get rid of my dark spots. The result: My face looks like a map with darks and white marks. I have small's holes, squares done by the laser. Ashlee C. said "It will work from the inside out..." It had been 10 months since the last treatment, and I do not see any improvement. I cry everyday when I see my face with holes and marks. I DO NOT RECOMENT E-MATRIX AT AMERICAN LASER IN AVENTURA, FLORIDA. PLEASE, PLEASE... SAVE YOUR MONEY, PAIN AND SUFFERING when you see the scares on your face.
I HAD CONTACTED Ahslee and Customer services at American Laser,on November 2012, I send them pictures of my face. Until today January 9, I do not have any response from American Laser. " - Submitted by Myriam R. of Sunny Isles Beach , FL

Cost: $2.00

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