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SignatureForum Advantage Membership

With the SignatureForum Advantage Membership, you’ll gain instant, limited access to verified consumer ratings of SignatureCertified™ service providers in your area, along with exclusive promotions each month and a 5% discount on all SignatureForum gift certificates!

SignatureForum Premium Membership?

Enjoy all of the benefits included in the SignatureForum Advantage Membership, PLUS get unlimited access to verified consumer surveys for SignatureCertified network service providers in your state! Whether you're interested in comparing local cosmetic surgeons, home contractors, or health clubs, SignatureForum makes it easy with in-depth consumer reviews and graphical analysis.

Levels of Service

SignatureForum Premium SignatureForum Advantage Basic
Cost of Membership* $99/year $19/year Free
Entrance in the SignatureForum Rewards Program Supported Supported Supported
Monthly Newsletters Supported Supported Supported
Exclusive Consumer Reviews of Products & Services Supported Supported Supported
Submit Your Own Reviews Supported Supported Supported
Appointment Scheduling & Reminders Supported Supported Supported
SignatureForum Exclusive Promotions Supported Supported  
5% Discount on SignatureForum Gift Certificates Supported Supported  
Limited access to consumer reviews of local service providers   Supported  
Unlimited Access to Local User Ratings and Testimonials Supported    
See Provider Rankings Broken Down By Specific Services Supported    
Complete Graphical Comparisons of Provider Ratings by Industry Supported    

*Each of Signature Forum's three consumer segments (Cosmetic, Home Services, Health & Fitness) require separate memberships.

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SignatureForum Premium SignatureForum Advantage Basic
Aesthetic Services
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Benefits of Joining SignatureForum

  • Access to Ratings and Industry Comparisions for our National Database of Specialists & Service Providers
  • Entrance in the SignatureForum Rewards Program
  • Exclusive Promotions
  • Discounts on SignatureForum Gift Certificates

Your Personal Concierge

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Spend your time doing the things you enjoy and let us take care of your to-do list.

Customized reporting and analysis

Before you make the decision to hire, let us find your next professional and perform customized background checks for your peace of mind.

  • We’ll research local day care centers, realtors, home contractors, physicians, pet care providers, maid services and more!
  • We’ll provide the reports.
  • We’ll even schedule consultations for you!

Gift Assistance

Busy executives - take advantage of our gift planning services.

  • You give us the dates. We handle the order and delivery!
  • Never forget a special occasion again!
  • Browse our unique selection of gifts for all ages.

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